Virginia Carolinas Structural Steel Fabricators Association


At the latest Virginia Carolinas Structural Steel Fabricators Association (VCSSFA) Board of Directors meeting, the decision was made beginning 2014 to cease having our annual meeting in Ponte Vedra, Florida. This June’s meeting will be our last planned annual meeting in Ponte Vedra, Florida.


The needs and desires of our membership clearly indicate that the time is right for a change in our meeting location and format.

An important aspect to the VCSSFA is the semi annual multi-day programs for our membership. The time commitment it takes for our membership to travel to Florida has eroded the attendance over recent years. Our fall meeting (MOP Seminar) continues to be a very well attended multiday function. The Board is confident that bringing our Spring Meeting closer to our membership base and structuring the programs to provide greater "take home" value will help create the same interest as our MOP Seminar in the Fall. This will certainly provide more value for our regular and associate members, and also allow for continued growth and success of the VCSSFA.


The Board acknowledges and thanks the Southern Association of Steel Fabricators (SASF) for the opportunity to have jointly held our two spring meetings. We value the friendships that have been developed, and look forward to continuing these relationships in the future.


Over the next few meetings the VCSSFA Board will be redesigning our Spring Program, and will keep our membership and industry leaders informed.

The VCSSFA is a regional fabricators association whose mission is to educate its membership and others of issues and programs in the structural steel industry. Established in 1935, VCSSFA remains one of the more active regional fabricator's associations, including having four members that serve on the AISC Board of Directors.


The VCSSFA Board of Directors